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Mantavya Gajjar has 10+ years' experience in Odoo, starting from TinyERP and OpenERP. He started his career as a developer and developed many new features in TinyERP, OpenERP, and Odoo. He has initiated a mobile application project at the Indian office. He has graduate and postgraduate degrees in Computer Applications from Gujarat Vidyapith. In June 2006, he started working for Axelor and Tiny ERP at Ahmadabad.

He was the first international employee appointed to establish a branch of TinyERP in India (Ahmadabad, Gujarat). He has done everything from registering a legal company to set up the physical office and recruitment. He has interviewed more than eight thousand candidates in the last 10 years, and he has selected and trained three hundred candidates for the Indian branch. Most professionals working on Odoo in India are trained by him. As a result, today India (Ahmadabad, Gujarat) is called the Hub of Odoo Developers, and over a thousand Odoo developers are available only in Gujarat.

Mantavya is actively engaged with many universities in preparing and reviewing the syllabus for Computer Applications and Computer Science courses. He has reviewed thousands of academic student projects. As an alumnus of the Gujarat Vidyapith Computer Science Alumni association, he contributes his free time to various social activities. He also plays the role of a trustee member and treasurer at Gujarat Vidyapith.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket with friends and driving to new destinations by road with his wife and daughter.

Mantavya was the third employee worldwide and first in Asia in 2006, responsible for setup and grow Odoo India branch.

Most professionals working on Odoo in India are trained by him, as a result, today, Ahmedabad is called "Hub of Odoo Developers"

Managing Director

Odoo India, a division of Odoo in India

June 2006 - Present (~13 years)

Working at Odoo India for 10 plus years I have performed various roles time to time to grow India branch form 1 to 100 employees.

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Trustee Member & Treasurer

Gujarat Vidyapith Computer Science Alumni Association

June 2013 - Present (5 years)

Trustee Member & Treasurer at Gujarat Vidyapith Computer Science Alumni Association,

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Managing Director

Axelor Technologies, Ahmedabad, India

June 2006 - September 2013 (8 years)

Working on the various parts few of them are Administration, Training and Offshore Development. Worked on Integration client based projects.

  • Strategic planning for the office software infrastructure to down the software cost.
  • Looking for an accounts and legal matters for Eiffel Consulting (renamed as Axelor Technologies)

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Web Developer

Aditech Infosys, Ahmedabad, India

January 2006 - May - 2006 (5 months)

Join Adirect as a Project Trainee and get opportunity to work as a Web Development Projects.

  • Successfully development and integration of SMSExpress based on Java technology
  • Worked for a patch management system based on .NET Technologies

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Odoo Books

Odoo Best Practices online book is dedicated to functional consultants or entrepreneur who wants to implement or use odoo online all-in-one business application out-of-the-box. This is an online book written based on Odoo Community and Enterprise Edition. This book covers the best implementation approach for most used applications such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Financial Accounting, and Manufacturing.

After writing Odoo 10 Implementation Cookbook, I realized that it is too difficult to have the latest and up-to-date printed book of each version for the fast-evolving business application. Odoo releases its stable version every 12 to 15 months. This book aims to guide you through a step-by-step configuration for business problems.

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Odoo 10 Implementation Cookbook

Author, Packt Publishing - October 2017

This book will help you manage the different functionalities of your business and optimise it. You will learn in detail about the various facets of the business process such as sales, accounting, purchases, manufacturing, and inventory. With its modular approach, you will be able to build customised solutions, take advantage of the Odoo system in your organisation and master basic administration . You will also be able to customize major reporting functions for your teams and set up forms and documents for sales, purchase, inventory, and so on.

By the end of the book, you will be able to use the major functionalities of Odoo and fully implement them into your business.

Working with OpenERP

Reviewer, Packt Publishing - November 2013

"Working with OpenERP" provides a real-world business solution approach to integrating OpenERP into your small or medium sized business. This book begins by walking you through how to install OpenERP on a Windows or Ubuntu server then takes you through all the essential modules you will need to get OpenERP up and running for your company.

All through the book, "Working with OpenERP" provides real-world examples in sales, customer relationship management (CRM), purchasing, manufacturing, human resources, and financial accounting. After covering the basics, you will learn how to customize various methods to configure OpenERP for your business and even build your own custom modules.

"Working with OpenERP" covers all the basics of installing and using OpenERP along with advanced real-world examples you will not find anywhere else.

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